We are to each other the childhood boyfriend and girlfriend we never had. Growing up, we shared many similar values, interests and preferences for things. To us, family is everything. It only took me 24 years to find my better half – or he found me, on a tiny corner of the internet – from complete opposite ends of the earth with 15,000 km of distance between us.

The change of a lifetime happens from an instant of a second.

When I met him, I thought “he would make a really great friend because there’s no way this is going to work when he lives in France and my home is in Australia.” I forgot his name two weeks later; then he reminded me kindly. Cynical and in disbelief, yet still I gambled on an instinct.

In the three and a half years we have been together until our wedding day, he has never left my side. Always caring, always kind and trusting. Never ceasing to put a smile on my face or strain a leg trying. You fall in love with a heart, a kindred spirit.

We married this year on February 10th and then we invited friends and family for a ceremony and celebrations in the summer of June 9th. I walked down the aisle to him standing underneath our rose olivier wedding arch to Bright Eyes, First Day of My Life.

The florals and foliage we chose included eucalyptus to symbolise my Australian roots, branches of olive leaves symbolising his provençal heritage, also providing a play on words on our namesake, branches of baby's breath and a classic assortment of white roses.

I wanted to be able to look back on our wedding in 10 years and not feel dated about our choices, so we stuck with classic tones and florals that were in season. The raw and natural beauty of the provençal property did the rest of the work in setting our backdrop.

We had our good friend conduct the ceremony and introduce our tale of cross-distance love. Travelling to meet in Australia, then in Japan and finally in France.

As always in our own way, I wrote my vows the morning of the ceremony in a swift spark of inspiration and he improvised his on the spot. Mine in English, his in French. We ended the ceremony walking out to Father John Misty's Real Love Baby showered in a confetti of dried cherry blossoms.

For our reception, we adorned the tables with pots of rosemary and thyme, placed alongside glass jars of tiny copper fairy lights.

Six to eight months of planning had elapsed for this day. It felt rewarding in the end, having done so much between my mother-in-law and I, even for only the fastest 24 hours ever.

The details