Save time on repetitive design tasks so you can focus on delivering your highest value. 

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About Linda Ollivier

When you started your business, it came from a love of creative problem solving. You love what you do because it uses the best of your talents, and you’re good at it. 

Sometimes life as an entrepreneur gets you caught up in tasks that are both labour intensive and time consuming. We're sure you were put on this earth to strategise on the things that deliver your highest value and which allow your business to flourish. 

On top of working in your business, you also have to:

Build and keep a consistent stream of posts on your social media – after all, your next star intern or big client could be lurking amongst your followers.
Publish blog posts. Ain’t nobody got time for this.
Nurture your email list and rack up content to send every week/month. 
Educate your clients without consistently having to repeat yourself.

I understand how you're feeling. Entrepreneurs and consultants are constantly having to balance our time between working IN our business versus working ON the business. As a "strategically lazy" designer, I strongly believe that the small necessities like managing your content and graphic assets can be made easier, delegated and even automated. 

Imagine if you could generate graphics for your business that looked good and were also on-brand. Now, what if you could automate this process so you could save time and focus on where your strengths really lie?

Maybe you’d like to:

Grow your business and take it to the next level.
Think about bringing on the right people into your team.
Deliver a better customer experience using visual aids.
Go on a holiday without your online presence looking like it’s on a month-long mannequin challenge?

I’ve been working on a system to help amazing entrepreneurs like you. Step by step, I’m adding templates, guides, worksheets and more to my ever-growing rich library of resources. And I’m going to give it away for free.

About Linda Luo

My name is Linda and I’m a fixer. My dad is a repairer of audiovisual devices. My grandmother was a repairer of bodies, a female surgeon in 1940s China, and her husband an engineer of ships. On the maternal side, I come from a family of teachers. 

For 25 years I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be, but it’s been in my DNA all along. 

I am a fixer and an educator. I fix websites and brands that aren’t working for the business, often by complete overhaul. Every day, I use my knowledge on how to build brands from the ground up. This blog is your educational platform, where I share my insights on this journey of personal and professional discovery as a Gen Y designer and Aussie expat in France. 

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